Saturday, February 8, 2014

The “Father of Karting” Art Ingels

Everyone who loves indoor karting owes a debt of gratitude to the “Father of Karting” Art Ingels A racing car engineer renowned for building Indy race cars he built the first go-kart in 1956 and it is hard to imagine he foresaw how his creation would become a global sport.

The “Father of Karting” Art Ingels
Art Ingels is known as the “Father of Karting” and he assembled his first kart in California during his spare time. In 1956 he used scrap metal and an unwanted engine to create the first go kart. This was a simple design that quickly attracted interest and a band of enthusiasts and a new sport was born. You can see one of Ingels first karts in the video below.

Growth of Karting
From humble beginnings the karting has grown as a sport and a leisure activity to encompass the world. You can find tracks both indoor and outdoor across every state in the United States and the majority of countries across the world. These tracks range from those designed by famous racing families such as a track designed by Pablo Montoya father of Indy 500 champion Juan Pablo to quirky designs with fun and entertainment their inspiration.

Karting At MB2
From the “Father of Karting” Art Ingels first design Karting has evolved and at MB2 we are at the cutting edge of technology and excitement.

The first MB2 track opened in Sylmar in 2007 and a year later we opened our Thousand Oaks location and we have designed our tracks to provide a fun course for all skill levels. Both venues are state of the art climate controlled venues and we use modern electric karts to ensure you don’t go home smelling of gas. Our electric karts accelerate and handle better than any other indoor karts and with the floor only a couple of inches away and a top speed of 45mph karting gets the adrenaline pumping.